Welcome to the London Headshots wordpress blog

Hi guys,

This is the wordpress hosted version of the London Headshots blog. Some of the posts on the blog hosted at the website are quite important to me, as they took a long time to write, and I believe they are helpful to people looking for a headshot photographer in London, so I’ve elected to use the WordPress site to host smaller, more condensed versions of the pages, just in case my hosting ever goes belly up. 

If you’re looking for professional headshots for your portoflio, or for your castingcallpro profile, spotlight, etc, please get in touch with me on the London Headshots website, or even via here. We always have amazing offers on, including ones that run permanently, such as the 25% discount for students, and the £50 discount for anyone who books through their agency.

No hidden fees, the sessions have no prearranged time limit, and you get five clothing changes. We cater to people who just want straight commercial headshots showing them at their best, or character-driven headshots that are intended to be used in castings for specific role types. Either way, London Headshots can provide you with the best quality headshots in the capital and beyond.

And as an extra offer, if you’re coming from outside the south east, I’ll even cover your travel and deduct it from the fee. That’s how confident I am that it’s worth the hassle of travelling. 

Keep checking back at this blog, because there’s going to be behind the scenes videos, tutorials on how to take the best headshot, and for now, you can head over to the main website and read my article about getting the best out of your headshot session

Thanks for reading guys,


Any questions, feel free to send an email 🙂

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